Artist statement 

Sara was first drawn to porcelain in 2013 when completing her degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Seeing beauty in the fragility and delicacy of the material whilst utilising its strength, Sara has used both of these elements when developing her style.

Sara describes her mentality while working as a mediative state, allowing her hands to work intuitively. Using liquid clay, she paints to create her wafer thin pieces of ceramic. Then using repetition she builds up these individual units to construct sculptures and wall based installations. Sara’s work capturers wonder and amazement for the viewer, eliciting curiosity as she calls to question the general notions of what ceramics is and its possibilities.

For Sara the firing itself is an important tool within her process. Porcelain is a high firing material and will reach a temperature of 1260 degrees celsius within the kiln. These high temperatures cause the porcelain to begin to move and shift. Sara then uses this movement to manipulate her designs and add a finishing touch to her free standing pieces. These unique sculptures capture a moment in time from the firing, immortalising the piece. Sara uses this balance of design and chance to capture freedom and individuality in her sculptures.

Her work has been shown internationally including the New York Ceramics and Glass Fair and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition where her piece Swell enjoyed a highly successful run. Sara frequently exhibits in London having shown at Collect, held at the Sattchi Gallery in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and at the London Art Fair in 2019.